"I remember going to Pam feeling a total mess. I was in an unhappy marriage but couldn’t seem to find a way out. I needed to talk to someone who wasn’t one of my friends or family members, some one independent, someone who could help steer me through all the clutter in my head, someone who ‘got’ me. I also wanted someone who would challenge my thoughts and not just sit there saying all the right noises. 

Pam has been a safe haven in a wild storm. That one-hour session gave me time to take a step out from everyday life, sit still in a safe environment and just dump all my thoughts and feelings out to someone who would listen. Often our best sessions would be when I went in thinking I didn’t have anything to talk about that week! In Pam’s cosy study I have learnt that its been okay to have the feelings I have, to understand why I keep repeating patterns of behaviour and slowly I have started sitting with my feelings, beginning to know who I am again, be proud of who I am and to stand tall.

I can heartily recommend Pam. She is warm, funny, hugely intelligent, down to earth and you can tell her what you need and what you don’t like. Its more like talking to a friend who doesn’t care that you have said the same story a zillion times."

“Working with Pamela has been a life changer, and I don’t say that lightly. I needed help but having had some less than ideal experiences with therapists in the past I approached with caution. From the first moment I felt incredibly safe with her; Pamela is impeccable with her boundaries, and at the same time communicates with empathy and a deep understanding of the human condition.


I have been having sessions with Pamela for nine months now, and my growing awareness, understanding and compassion around my behaviour patterns is having profound and positive effects on my life.


I feel like I have been running for years, and with Pamela’s support am finding the wherewithal to settle, and to live my life more confidently and consciously.”

"My doctor suggested I needed help to cope with the night terrors which had been part of my sleep pattern for about three years. I was sceptical that anyone could help me but decided to give psychotherapy a go. I took to Pamela at once but she made sure that I felt she was the right person for me to talk to. It took several sessions of ‘Do I need this?’ for me to get to the  point where suddenly I felt this was the way to go. Since then I have not looked back.

It turned out that the night terrors were linked to a problem which had been at the back of my mind for some time. With Pamela’s help I gained in confidence and was able to see more clearly the root of the trouble. It has taken a while for me to come to the point where I could do something about it, but with her constant listening, questioning and humour, I find myself stronger and have now made a radical decision which I feel will give me a better quality of life. Thank you, Pamela!"