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Weekly Therapy Groups in Mid Argyll 2020

(venue and dates to be confirmed )

The idea of a Therapy group is to provide a safe confidential space where we can meet and learn to help each other and experiment with how we can ask for what we want out of life. We will take some time to create this environment as this is particularly important in a small rural community. This will be a great opportunity to challenge yourself and make potential friendships, learn to receive support from other group members and a turn for you to offer the same.


Working in a group brings diversity, people come with different backgrounds and life experiences which can potentially help us view things through a different lens. Here is a chance to be part of a small, intimate group (6-8 persons) which will initially meet weekly for 10 sessions. If there is enough interest, there may be the option to have a break then re-form. 

Please contact me for further details or to express an interest.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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